Thursday, April 15, 2010

Missoni & Coverse

I remember that Converse sneakers (not to mention that they are extremely comfortable and versatile) were a huge part of my life when I was growing up.

With the recent release of the Missoni Converse Chucks designed by Angela Missoni, I am tempted to return to my sneakers-wearing days. The old school high cut sneakers are adorned with Missoni zigzag prints and they are très chic.


brooke said...

um, wow! thankyou so much for posting these, how stunning! I love missoni. If only they did a knit slipper version :P


Vanessa Baptista said...

absolutely beautiful! These are a must have staple :)

come join me @

linda-mari said...

Give me a pair of these, please. They look cute:)

Ashley said...

@brooke Missoni prints are amazing aren't they?! Yeah they should do a slipper version for summer, that would be fun.

Ashley said...

@Vanessa Baptista @linda-mari These Missoni sneakers are definitely must-haves. Do invest in a pair and I'm sure it'll last you a long time, providing style and comfort at the same time :)

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