Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dirty Deeds

Previously, Fashionista.com published an article about "How Much Fashion Brands Pay For Celebrities to Sit in Their Front Rows." And now FashionCopious has received statements from Abe Gurko, an 'Event Producer/Public Relations/VIP Services', saying that those released figures are bollocks!

Directly from FashionCopious:

Today Abe Gurko, an 'Event Producer/Public Relations/VIP Services' and king of ABE NYC, INC, is calling those #'s utter nonsense. And in a post he headlined Fashionista.com Thinks They Know It All says "What a crock of hooey"

What I think fashionista.com did was call a slew of garden variety talent agents and received generic quotes. One thing you learn about casting a front row is…never call agents. They love throwing out ridiculous nilly-willy high prices. And that does not even get you anywhere near guaranteeing the talent.

He further explains:

There is no Celebrity Ebay. Sure, people think we have celebrities chilling on ice, that you crack them off one by one when you need to spice up an event, or dazzle the press. But it is a far more complicated process, one that takes years of cultivating relationships. There is much navigating the waters of publicists with agendas, managers with different agendas and the talent, who usually are the nicest people, but the handlers make you think otherwise.

He also touches on Madonna and Marc Jacobs:

And as for Marc Jacobs “banning” celebrities from his font row. Is Madonna no longer a celebrity? She was there, with her twinkie in tow.

And words of wisdom:

If the press would commit to attending shows without a friggen tip sheet, then maybe the crush of celebrity might not be in such high demand. If the press covered the designers for the actual collection, then we’d be in a different game.

Lastly, a duh moment:

But the economy crashed, remember? And to throw out those numbers like 100 grand for Rihanna and 80 grand for Mary Kate and Ashley Olson is silly. I mean…get a grip. Who on Earth would pay the Olson Twins anything when they have two collections showing at Fashion Week? It is utter nonsense.

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