Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Year In Paris With Christian Louboutin

5o-year-old and still looking like a goddess, the magic of plastic (no pun inteneded)...Barbie is channeling parisian chic this time. Mattel, the maker of Barbie has partnered with shoe maestro, Christian Louboutin to provide Barbie with a makeover. The inspiration - Marilyn Monroe and Nefertiti.

According to WWD, the Barbie-Louboutin collection will consist of three dolls, packaged in Louboutin shoe boxes, each come with four pairs of Barbie-size Louboutin heels. In December, Mattel will unveil Louboutin’s jewel thief-themed Barbie; in February, it will add a safari-themed Barbie, and for May, Louboutin designed a Barbie that goes to the Cannes Film Festival. The $150 dolls will be sold through and at, which is Mattel’s exclusive partner for this project and will be selling dolls for the first time. In September, both sites also will offer a Christian Louboutin Barbie shoe collection of 12 pairs for $40 a set.

Louboutin, himself will be starring in a photo diary, titled "My Year in Paris With Christian Louboutin". The photo diary is slated to release in December.

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