Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mischa Barton Back From Psychiatric Hold


Toting Dior in one arm and leading pooch Ziggy on the other.

Actress Mischa Barton was spotted leaving Kaufman Astoria Studios after finishing up a photoshoot for "The Beautiful Life" [New CW show]

Producer Ashton Kutcher, costar Sara Paxton and Ben Hollingsworth have thus released statements via Twitter and at various events

“I can tell you right now Mischa Barton is doing great — I can give that to my audience straight and have a direct conversation without the filter.” - Producer Ashton Kutcher

“We had our first read-through [Wednesday] and we’re all so very excited to have her back. We really didn’t talk about everything that’s been going on. It was really all work .She’s such a great girl"- Costar Sara Paxton

“She’s gone through it more than anyone in the cast and her character in the show is very intertwined into that lifestyle. I think she’s going to be able to draw on a lot of real-life experiences that she’s had to go through with paparazzi, rumors, and invasion of privacy and all that comes in the public eye” - Costar Ben Hollingsworth

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