Friday, August 1, 2008

Dragon Emperor & Donut Boy

First of all, I would like to congratulate Adrian on passing his test! Congratulations, I am so proud of you! Oh and Applecrumble! Here is the proud boy holding his photocopied certificates


Watched The Mummy today and I guess it is pretty entertaining despite the slapstick/cheesy comedy overdose. Usual Brendan Fraser as Rick O'Connell but this time instead of Rachel Weisz as Evelyn O'Connell, Maria Bello took over the role. Jet Li, the evil dragon emperor and Michelle Yeoh as...well Michelle Yeoh (No offence to all Michelle Yeoh's fans, but no versatility).Ok I guess her role was crucial, as a beautiful ancient sorceress who later cast a spell on the dragon emperor(who was the one who killed her beloved General Ming) and his warriors...that is how the story started.

Hey Adrian, stop eating donuts already!


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